About City Foam for Manufacturing Mattresses and Foam:

  • With more than 20 years of experience, City Foam for Manufacturing Mattress and Foam is a leading factory in manufacturing mattresses according to German technology. Manufacturing spring mattresses, medical mattresses and foam mattresses using high quality European imported materials and a 12-year guarantee.
  • Also specialize in mattress components and bed supplies such as pillows, cushions and all types of mattress protectors.
  • Manufacturing all types of bed sheets, bed comforters as well as terry-cloth mattress covers available in all sizes and colors (protecting mattresses from water, dust and all other conditions).
  • City Foam factory is a pioneer in manufacturing foam of all types and sizes to meet the needs of consumers and furniture manufacturers with a quality exceeding customer expectations. We use the latest machines in manufacturing and cutting foam.
  • City Foam has various clients and agents in all governorates. We provide services to a wide range of hotels in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, private and governmental hospitals as well as customers outside Egypt.

Our Services

  • Manufacturing and supplying foam in all colors and types.
  • Manufacturing distinguished mattresses and bed mattresses.
  • Manufacturing and supplying medical mattresses.
  • Manufacturing all types of bed sheets.
  • Manufacturing and supplying bed pillows and cushions

Our Advantages

  • 12-year guarantee on all our products including mattresses, foam and upholstery.
  • Replacing any products in case of manufacturing defects.
  • The latest German machines in manufacturing mattresses.
  • ISO 9001 certified.
  • Following all manufacturing methods that meet international standards.
  • Protecting the environment. 

Our Objectives

  • We work to achieve the highest quality standards to reach the European markets.
  • Exporting our products from mattresses and furnishings to foreign markets.
  • To have a significant role in solving unemployment in Egypt.
  • Providing all facilities to anyone who wants to act as an agent for us to create opportunities for small projects.
  • Providing the best mattresses and furnishings at the lowest prices for newlyweds.
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